Anatomy Album Launch, Live at The Roundhouse (October 2012)

by Rob Marr



4-track live EP from the album launch at The Roundhouse on Wednesday 17th October.

Featuring the amazing Andy Newmark (drums), Chris Spedding (guitar), Jim Leverton (bass), Jez Wiles (percussion) and Fiona Bevan and Cara Sebastian on vocals on Rock and Roll


released October 14, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: That Was Then, This is Now (Live)
When we were close
I spent the weekends borrowing your clothes
Dragging beds downstairs to sleep beside you
Talking, TV, late night, tea and toast
That was then

That was then and this is now
That was then and this is now

The things you wrestle with
Grow arms and legs
They will drag you down to dark, familiar places
I sought the comfort of those warm embraces
Then, not now

That was then and this is now
That was then and this is now

The oracle is nice
And white, and bright and in her fifties
In the bags under her eyes she carries wisdom
Her world is pregnant with possibilities
For then, and now

That was then and this is now
That was then and this is now
Track Name: Fat and Happy (Live)
Ten things you love
Ten things you hate
The morning games, you and me play.
Babies that cry on busses, you hate.
Afternoon sex and parallel parking are
Two things you love

I have twenty three million, four hundred and five thousand and fourty-eight minutes before I die. According to the office for national statistics, and you know, statistics never lie. Well, I looked and I found no good advice there on how I am best to fill this time. And between you and me, up till now, it’s been mostly self- denial.

I want to get fat and happy
I’m going to get fat and happy.

I’ve been wheat free, dairy free, caffeine free, sugar free, yeast free, fun free, sex free, living like Flat Stanley, wasting days in a haze existing only in 2D. But now my jeans are bursting at the seams and these four stud walls cannot hold the things I need to eat, drink, think, live, love, take and breathe.

I want to get fat and happy
I’m going to get fat and happy
I want to get fat and happy.
Track Name: King's Cross St Pancras (Live)
In two hours and fifteen minutes we could be in Paris
Keep walking, today’s a working day
Pauls do the best croissants in all of London
Buy two and then go on your way

King’s Cross St Pancras
Things are going your way, today

8-minute light shines through acres of glass held by steel painted colour of sunny city sky
Inside is all power and straight lines
Outside is outside, is outside

Kings Cross St Pancras
Things are going your way
Kings Cross St Pancras

On a sunny spring morning
Track Name: Rock and Roll (Live)
Darling money’s tighter than it’s ever been, ever been
Day by day our take-home pay is shrinking, shrinking
Darlin what I’m reading’s got me thinking
None of these fripperies satisfy my soul
I will make you some food, and you can bring the booze
Let’s Rock and Roll

Darlin all the papers say the new going out is staying in
And the sales of pajamas they are rising, rising
Darlin I want your skin on my skin
So put your music on and take the weight up on your toes
We can sell the things that we don’t need to fill the hole oh
We can fill the hole
Let’s Rock and Roll

Darlin throw your clothes over the chair behind the door
Throw your shoulders back and hold your head up tall
I know the room is cold but the bed is warm
All the talk today was of who would be next to go
I miss the cat sat next to me he helped the time to go, helped the time to go
Let’s Rock and Roll

Darlin forget the house, we’ll go back to renting, renting
We’ll give the bank back the keys they were lending, lending
Darlin, I need your skin on my skin oh
I loved the places where they made us feel like gold
Roll this way, you will sleep more deeply if you come before you go, you come before you go
Let’s Rock and Roll